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Join Homefront Defense Team If you are forced to use a firearm in self-defense – your attorney fees are 100% covered through the whole process.      And get a discount on most of our classes.

Sign up for our Idaho Enhanced CCW Class and receive a Sportsman’s Warehouse $20 gift card! Nampa Sportsman’s Warehouse location ONLY

NRA Certified Instructors

Our instructors have years of training and expertise in a wide range of firearms, safety, and protection. Learn more about our NRA Certified Instructors.

Student Testimonials

Bob T. said:

“I was very satisfied with the training I received from IFC. The training I received was on point, well presented and easy to understand. Shooting drills were fun and safety was their first concern. The instructors made all of us feel relaxed. I feel much safer handling my firearm and feel ready to protect myself. Thanks again and I will see you at future classes.”

Zack M. said:

“Well all I have to say is Wow. The defensive pistol class was great. The instructors were true pros, the class was fun, safe and very well presented. “I will recommend IFC to all my friends and family.”

Mike C. said:

“The concealed carry class was fun, the 3 hrs flew by. The class was well presented, all paperwork was supplied by IFC and easy to understand. I got my CCW licenses in the mail with no problems.”

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