Home Invasion Defense for the whole family– (these classes are held at your home)



You must live with in 25 Miles of Boise. For the $249.00 price. if you live further contact me at 208-867-4684 for pricing.

For this class there are no set dates once you register we will contact you to set a date and time. 

On average most people spend 30% of their lives in their home. Do you know how to defend it? Does your wife or kids stay home alone? Are they prepared for emergencies? Let us teach you how to be prepared. Train to survive!



This course deals with:    Is your home safe?   Is it defendable?   Are all of you ready?

The tactics of keeping you and your family safe, while in your home in case of a home invasion / burglar in the home. Perimeter security assessment. Realistic scenarios, decision making under stress, the course will make extensive use of tactical advantage. A high emphasis will be placed on decision making, decision making will include both tactical decision making and deadly force decision making while under stress. I will teach what is a defensible space, how to secure loved ones in the house, how to minimize the risks involved, how to make a defensive plan for your family that works, we will also run scenarios like clearing the house & holding someone at gunpoint, 20 foot rule / action beats reaction drills and more.

All attending the class must be full-time residents at said home and over the age of 13.

Sign up and you will be contacted to schedule your class.

Refund policy: 

We understand that schedules can change or for whatever reason you may be unable to attend the class for which you have registered. We have determined that our class fees are non-refundable. We will, however, allow you to reschedule 1 time and participate in a future class if 72 hr notice has been given. A  $75.00 fee will be charged to reschedule. Please send us an email  72 hrs prior to let us know the future date you like to attend. CLASSES MAY BE CANCELED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON BY IFC. IF A CLASS IS CANCELED BY IFC YOU WILL BE RESCHEDULED ONLY TO ANOTHER CLASS ASAP NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

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