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This is a 4 TO 6 HR class.  6 30 pm to 11 30 pm           READ ALL INFORMATION -

According to the FBI, majority of crimes are committed in the hours of darkness. Do you have the training and experience it takes to overcome a forceful encounter in the dark? Learn how to gain the advantage in a darkened parking lot or if there is a break-in at your residence. If used properly, a lighting tool is one of the best force options at your disposal. This class will introduce the tactics one needs to have if they want to prevail. Class highlights • Light selection • Proper use of a light in hand & gun mounted • Various tactics & positions • Target identification • Transitioning positions of light and gun to secondary targets • Use of cover • Light malfunction drills • Reloading drills

READ ALL INFORMATION - This is an intermediate level class.

We will be shooting one and two handed. The student needs to know and be able to demonstrate safe gun handling, weapon system familiarity, foundation marksmanship skills, and working from a holster. Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum skills required for the class may be removed from training. Please ensure you have read through the class description and fully understand before registering. 

We start all classes in daytime for safety and skill assessment. This class involves the following instruction. The human eye and how it works in low light Movement in low light Selection of support equipment used in low light (flashlights, weapon mounted lights, night sites) Alternative uses for the flashlight Use of weapons mounted lights Dry and live fire drills utilizing weapons mounted lights and alternative light techniques

Required Equipment:

Pistol in one of the following calibers: 9MM, 40, or 45 (no other calibers allowed) duty size or full size only. Minimum 3 magazines Estimated round count: 350 rounds factory loaded. Minimum of 1 handheld tactical style flashlight (2 or more is preferable) EXTRA BATTERIES PLEASE. Weapon mounted light is optional but WILL NOT replace the handheld light (if you bring a WML, bring a holster that will secure your weapon with the light on it) 2 Magazine/ammunition pouches Sturdy Belt at least 1.5” wide Concealment jacket or vest (optional) Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning Casual, comfortable civilian clothing or duty uniform suitable for training in any weather. Wraparound eye wear, poly carbonate lenses or non-shattering prescription glasses Electronic earmuffs Knee Pads.

LOCATION Parma Rod and Gun Club 1420 Boehm Ln, Parma, Idaho, 83660

Refund policy:

Persons that show up to class and have not met the PREREQUISITES FOR THIS CLASS will be turned away. We understand that schedules can change or for whatever reason you may be unable to attend the class for which you have registered. We have determined that our class fees are non-refundable for any reason. We will, however, allow you to reschedule 1 time and participate in a future class at no charge if 72 hr notice has been given. If we have not received a minimum of 72 hr notice from you a $150.00 fee will be charged to re schedule per person. Please send us an email  72 hrs prior to missing a class to let us know the future date you like to attend. We will try to make sure we have a spot available. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE RE SCHEDULED. CLASSES MAY BE CANCELED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON. IF A CLASS IS CANCELED BY IFC YOU WILL BE RE SCHEDULED ONLY TO A OTHER CLASS ASAP NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.


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