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Urban Tactical Rifle


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Please Pick a Date

 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Boost your favorability in court in case of a self-defense incident. One of the first questions will be “do you know how to use your firearm? Are you proficient with your firearm? The answer should be yes. But how do you prove it? Being able to show documentation like certificates of training will do that for you.   


IFC Equipment Maintenance fee $10.00 & Range fee is $10.00 per person please have exact change ready. $20.00 (Paid in cash.) 


This class is minimum 8 hrs.

The emphasis of this course is on defensive / offensive rifle handling and shooting drills. Designed for the patrol officer or armed citizen wanting to increase proficiency.

The class covers : Use of a rifle in short to mid-range environments from 25 to 150 yards – How to equip your rifle for the task at hand – Difference between precision and reflexive fire (POINT SHOOTING) – Rapid target acquisition with emphasis on shooting speed – Improved stance – Malfunction clearance drills – Weapon Manipulation – Speed reloading – Sling transition left to right – Strong and support side shooting – Proper loading and unloading techniques – Engaging targets at various distances – Engaging targets from various shooting positions, standing, Prone, high kneeling and low kneeling –Multiple target engagement and target transitions – Engaging targets while on the move – How to shoot from various barricaded positions

For this class you will need the following gear: A working rifle, (SEMI AUTO) AR-15, M16, M4, AK.  You’ll also need at least 4 Rifle Magazines, mag pouches, a tactical vest or a chest harness (battle belts will work).  Must have a rifle sling,  400 rounds of factory rifle ammo, hat, electronic ear muffs and eye protection, gloves & knee pads , lunch, water, NO GREEN OR BLACK TIP AMMO ALLOWED IN CLASS . If that is all you have call me first 208 867-4684

Black’s Creek Range Address                                                                                                                                                                            2420 Kuna Mora Rd
Kuna, ID 83634
(208) 342-9614


CLICK THIS LINK FOR DIRECTIONS https://www.idahofirearmsclasses.com/locations/

Refund policy:

Persons that show up to class and have not met the PREREQUISITES FOR THIS CLASS will be turned away. We understand that schedules can change or for whatever reason you may be unable to attend the class for which you have registered. We have determined that our class fees are non-refundable for any reason. We will, however, allow you to reschedule 1 time and participate in a future class at no charge if 72 hr notice has been given. If we have not received a minimum of 72 hr notice from you a $150.00 fee will be charged to re schedule per person. Please send us an email  72 hrs prior to missing a class to let us know the future date you like to attend. We will try to make sure we have a spot available. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE RE SCHEDULED. CLASSES MAY BE CANCELED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON. IF A CLASS IS CANCELED BY IFC YOU WILL BE RE SCHEDULED ONLY TO A OTHER CLASS ASAP NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.



Call Now Button(208) 867-4684