UntitledThe tide is turning with regard to allowing responsible, licensed citizens to carry on college universities and college campus grounds. The Idaho legislature passed the campus concealed carry law last year and it went into effect July 1st. While there are minor restrictions to the concealed carry law ( it bans weapons in dormitories and buildings that hold more than 1,000 people) this marks yet another victory for concealed carry rights. Idaho joins Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, Utah, and Wisconsin in allowing licensed citizens to carry concealed weapons on campus.

There are many arguments against the right to carry a concealed weapon on university and college grounds. These arguments run the gamut: guns would distract from the learning environment, a person could snap and go on a rampage, and more. You can see many of these arguments and solid, fact-based counter-arguements at the Students for Concealed Carry website: http://concealedcampus.org/common-arguments/

Naturally Idaho Firearms Classes supports the right of citizens to carry concealed weapons and this applies to students and faculty at College’s and Universities. Proper instruction and training regarding the law, firearms safety, and firearms usage, are core aspects and requirements for carrying a concealed weapon. Idaho Firearms Classes is proud to provide the highest quaility classroom and live fire instruction time to properly certify our citizens for concealed carry licensing.

You can learn more about our classes and instruction and begin your preparation for responsible concealed carry licensing by clicking here.