IFC Instructors 

Zsolt J Torok (Joe)

Joe enjoys hunting, fishing, and the great outdoors. He has been involved with firearms for most of his life. Joe enjoys teaching friends, family, and co-workers defensive shooting techniques.

  Joe worked in the private security sector for 20 years training security officers in firearm, and hand to hand combat training.                                                                                                                                                          Served as Special Circumstance Response Team Captain During this time, Also trained Executive Protection team’s.                                                                                                                                                                              In the private sector he spent 7 years as a Security team tactics instructor, and worked as a loss prevention instructor, internal investigator.

And now spends time as a security consultant and firearms / self defense instructor.


Joe holds the following credentials:

  • Nationally accredited firearm instructorJOES PHONE 12-23-2014 201 (Mobile) (Medium)
  • Private Security Firearm Instructor
  • Hand to hand controlled take-down instructor
  • NRA certified Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun Instructor
  • NRA certified personal protection in the home instructor
  • NRA certified personal protection outside the home instructor

Joe truly enjoys our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and strongly believes every legally able American should have a concealed firearms license.

William H. Giesecke (Zeke)

Zeke has always had an interest in guns, and began shooting the NRA Junior qualification course wheCCW Firearms trainingn he was only 14 years old. Zeke later participated in a rifle club while in high school.

Zeke joined the U. S. Navy in 1965. While in the Navy Zeke served two six month combat patrols in VietNam, doing gunfire support for the Army and Marine Corps. After being honorably discharged in 1969, Zeke attended and graduated from Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys, and California State University in Long Beach, California.

Zeke Re-enlisted in the Navy Reserve in 1974 and was assigned to several different Reserve units, where he was invited to be a Small Arms Marksmanship instructor, training Navy personnel on the M16A1 rifle and M1911A1 pistol marksmanship.

Several years later, in 1981, Zeke began working in the firearms business. He worked in retail sales at various locals, including the Beverly Hills Gun Club, Pachmayr Gun Works, and Beverly Hills Gun Shop. During this time Zeke became an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor. In 1983 Zeke began teaching NRA classes after work and on weekends. Zeke was later hired as a firearms instructor by Pacific Security Training Academy where he trained armed Security Officers. Three years later, Zeke accepted a position with California Fashion Industries to develop and manage a training program for the company’s security department where he worked until 1996, after which he relocated to Idaho.

While enlisted in the U. S. Air Force Reserve Zeke served in many firearms capacities including:

  • Combat Arms Training & Maintenance Specialist
  • CATM Advance course
  • Combat Rifle School
  • FBI Range master / Instructor School
  • NRA Training Counselor Workshop
  • Beretta Armorer School, and M249 SAW School
  • Retired from the Air Force with the rank of Master Sergeant.
  • Certified by California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services as a Security Firearms Instructor.
  • Granted a Training Facility license by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
  • Completed NRA Security and Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor school
  • Licensed to carry .38/.357 revolver, 9mm Luger, or .45 ACP semi-auto pistol as a Security Officer by California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

While serving in the Air Force Zeke taught over 5.000 hours of marksmanship classes and supervised live fire weapon qualifications. Zeke is a very talented and skilled marksman and educator who enjoys teaching others the many things he has learned in his years of service.