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ID Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit FAQ.

Note that Oregon only accepts their own license and does not accept the Idaho Enhanced License.

You can now get an Idaho CCW at the age of 18. 18-20 yer olds have to take the Enhanced Class and you will be issued the Standard Idaho CCW until you turn 21. At age 21 he permit will be updated to the Idaho Enhanced CCW. (18-20 year old don’t qualify for the Oregon CHL) If you are 17, you can take the class now and apply for your license when you turn 18.

Where can I find more information regarding concealed carry laws?

A great resource for information on individual state laws and other general information including concealed carry maps, etc. visit:

What do you cover in your classes?

The topics we cover include firearm safety, handgun types, concealed carry techniques, weapon free zone laws, self-defense laws, firearm transportation laws, firearm types and functions, what to do if you have to pull your weapon, and much more.

I have already had my fingerprints taken and they are “in the system.” Do I need to have them taken again to get my permit?

Yes. Even if you’ve been fingerprinted in the past you will need to be fingerprinted again to qualify for permits.


Do I need to purchase a gun prior to taking the class?

No. Many people who take our class have little or no prior firearm experience. You don’t even need to own a gun to attend and enjoy our  Multi-State classes. However if you wish to attend the Idaho Enhanced Class which requires shooting we recommend you bring your pistol of choice to get adjusted to, and familiar with it, so you are confident with your own firearm. We do however rent pistols for those who have not yet purchased one. If you plan on renting a firearm please contact instructors for availability of gun rentals.

Are there any pre-equisites to taking your class?

There are no prerequisites for any of the concealed carry classes. Some other classes do have prerequisites. Please see individual classes for details.

Are there certain places I am not allowed to take my firearm even after I get my permit?

Yes. Each state has its own unique list of the places that are off limits to firearms. Most of the time these areas are referred to as weapon free zones. Most weapon free zones remain off-limits even after you obtain your permit. The weapon free zones include, but are not limited to Federal buildings, schools, colleges, Indian Reservations, and anywhere posted. Please check your local laws and guidelines.

Does taking this class guarantee the issuance of a concealed carry permit?

No, taking this class does not guarantee the issuance of a concealed carry permit as participants must be legally permitted to own a firearm, and will need to pass a federal background check.

How long are the concealed firearm permits valid?

OR is a 4-year handgun ONLY permit. Idaho enhanced licenses are 5 year licenses. Permits can be renewed by sending the State renewal fee in the mail before the permit expires. (Oregon, howeve,r requires you renew in person)

I have one or more misdemeanor offenses on my criminal record. Will this prohibit me from obtaining a permit?

It depends on what the offenses are and where and when they occurred. Since we do not actually issue your permit, we advise you to contact the issuing authority (usually your sheriff) and ask them directly.


I have an alcohol related offense on my criminal record. Will this prohibit me from obtaining a permit?

We encourage you to call the issuing authority (usually your county sheriff) and ask them directly so you get your answer directly from the source.



Will I obtain my permits immediately after the class is over?

No we do not issue your permit. We are only certified to provide instruction needed to obtain your permit(s).




Does your company issue my permit(s)?

No we do not issue your permit(s). We are only certified to provide instruction needed to obtain your permit(s). Permits are issued by the state(s) you are obtaining the permit(s) from. We will provide you with all the details on how and where to apply for your permits during the class.




How long will it take to get my permit after I apply?

It takes approximately 30 to 90 days from the date your application is received to issue the permit.




If I have waited too long to submit my application(s), do I have to pay to retake the class?

As noted above, if you waited too long to submit your paperwork, you will need to retake the class.



How long do I have after the class to submit my application(s)?

Applications for Firearm Permit must be submitted within 12 months after you take the class. We recommend getting it in as soon as possible after the class is taken. If more than one year has passed and you failed to submit your paperwork, you will need to attend the class again and get new paperwork. Don’t let that happen to you.



If I am applying for the enhanced License as a non-resident, Do I need to obtain a permit from the state where I reside?

Yes, as part of the enhanced license the law requires anyone applying for the Enhanced license as a non-resident to first have a license in their resident state.



Do class participants have to take a test or shoot a gun as part of the class?

Idaho Enhanced License does require Range time, and shooting. Students may  be expected to demonstrate gun safety with a prop gun provided  by the instructors. There will be no live ammunition in the classroom.



How long do your Enhanced CCW classes last?

Our Idaho Enhanced class is an 8 hour class, which include a 4 hour legal portion and a 4 hour range safety and shooting exercise. At times the classes can go over depending on questions and paperwork, so please adjust your schedules accordingly.



What other fees will I pay in addition to the cost of the class?

You will have to pay an application fee charged by state of Idaho and Oregon (about $60 to $ 65 depending on which states you are applying for). The state application fee is not paid at the course. It is paid to your local Sheriff’s department, or other government agency. This fee will be paid when you apply for the permit(s). Further details will be covered in your class.


How much do you charge for your Idaho Enhanced CCW classes?

Our Idaho Enhanced Concealed weapons Classes are $89.00 to $150.00. Because Idaho Enhanced does not cover Oregon it will also be available for participants as part of the Enhanced class. To guarantee a seat you must pre-register for all classes on our website. Idaho is waiting on the Idaho attorney general to update the formal reciprocity agreement maps as the formal agreements are finalized. The Proposed reciprocity is hoped to be at 40 out of 50 states, with our Oregon license. Payment is accepted on our website as classes fill up fast.

What do I need to bring for the Idaho Enhanced class?

The Idaho Enhanced class requires participants to shoot a pistol a minimum of 100 rounds. For this class students will need to bring their handgun of choice, Ear and Eye Protection, at least 100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition, and a sack lunch.

Can I use my Hunter safety Training Or DD2-14 as proof of training for the New Enhanced License without additional training?

No, you must go through the full 8 hour training including the 4 hour legal portion taught by an attorney, and the 4 hour personal protection and live fire portion in order to be signed off for the license.


If I already have the Idaho Standard License can I just upgrade to the New Enhanced License without additional training?

No, this is a New License, you must go through the 8 hr training and new background check regardless of previous training or licenses.


Will you provide private classes for groups?

Yes, for private groups please contact Joe @ (208) 391-6926.


What is your refund policy?

Persons that show up to class and have not met the PRE-REQUISITES FOR THAT CLASS CAN be turned away.  We understand that schedules can change or for whatever reason you may be unable to attend the class for which you have registered. We have determined that our class fees are non-refundable. We will, however, allow you to reschedule and participate in a future class if 72 hr notice has been given. If we have not received a 72 hr notice from you a $50.00 fee will be charged to re schedule. Please send us an email  72 hrs prior to missing a class to let us know the future date you like to attend. We will try to make sure we have a spot available. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE RE SCHEDULED. CLASSES MAY BE CANCELED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON. IF A CLASS IS CANCELED BY IFC YOU WILL BE RE SCHEDULED ONLY TO ANOTHER CLASS ASAP NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash and all major credit cards.


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