Bob T.

I was very satisfied with the training I received from IFC.  The training I received was on point, well presented and easy to understand. Shooting drills were fun and safety was their first concern. The instructors made all of us feel relaxed. I feel much safer handling my firearm and feel ready to protect myself. Thanks again and I will see you at future classes.

Zack M.

Well all I have to say is Wow. The defensive pistol class was great. The instructors were true pros, the class was fun, safe and very well presented. “I will recommend IFC to all my friends and family.”

Mike C.

The concealed carry class was fun, the 3 hrs flew by. The class was well presented, all paperwork was supplied by IFC and easy to understand. I got my CCW licenses in the mail with no problems.

Scott M.

I very much enjoyed your class and plan on taking the defensive pistol class soon. I couldn’t recommend you enough.

Richard C.

Joe and Andrew are great.  They kept the class upbeat and kept everyone’s attention. I’ve taken other concealed weapon classes and I would recommend these guys over the other guys!

Brent M.

Thank you for the class. The information was very well presented and covered all I needed to know. You are very knowledgeable. I plan on taking more classes from you. Thank you.

Shawn M.

I really enjoyed the class. I feel a good amount of information was covered and was explained very well.

Jennifer W.

Very informative class. I am interested in taking more classes.

Bill R.

Great Course, thank you!

Debra H.

Very informative, easily understood, demonstrations appreciated, make sure everyone’s questions were answered. Excellent class! Looking forward to further training with you.

Cheryl T.

Very comprehensive, interesting and easy to follow.

Ron S.

The class was well placed and held our interest well.  Very informative and well run.

Jacob P.

I have a better understanding of the concealed carry laws as they apply to each state.

Charles W.

Excellent knowledge of the laws. I will highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a concealed weapons permit.

John O.

Gentlemen, great class! Excellent information presented.

Robert Z.

Great class – Thanks!!

Louise A.

Very informative and interesting! Well Done!

Deanna S.

Thank you! Great class with important info that answered many questions I had coming into class. Info presented in an entertaining manner. You both are great presenters.

James A.

The concealed weapons class was very good.

Alvin G.

Great class! Well worth the money!

Ken E.

It was a good class for beginners and for those who need a refresher course. The work you guys put into getting all the paperwork put together is a tremendous time saver.