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Please Pick a Date


This is a 2-day 16hr course 9am to 6pm each day.   Designed training for dealing with a violent threat for school staff members. This will include classroom and range time.

LOCATION : Black's Creek Range 2420 Kuna Mora Rd Kuna, ID 83634 (208) 342-9614

Day 1 Classroom portion will cover:

Concealed carry safety and the do’s and don’ts of concealed carry. Preparing mentally and physically for a violent threat. What to do before, during, and after the incident. Dealing with students, staff, police, EMT personal. Dealing with the healthy and injured. Equipment for defense and lifesaving tools. Including basic trauma care and the tools needed.    

Day 1 Range portion will cover:

Basics of Handgun Use.  Includes, Range rules and expectations Basic Firearms safety, Firearm handling, Shooting stances, Proper grip & Trigger control, Sight alignment,

This course is designed to build a basic knowledge of safe firearm handling. Critical thinking decision making under stress. This course will enhance a shooters confidence in handling firearms and will improve the shooter’s accuracy and target group size. While learning lifesaving skills with your firearm in a one-on-one scenario or multiple attackers. 

You will need to bring on day 1.

For classroom portion Note pad, pen, lunch, drinks. 

For range portion - handgun of choice, a hat, Ear and Eye protection, 100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition. 2 mags ( NO SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS OR 22’S. 9mm OR LARGER ONLY )

Day 2 Range only will cover: Defensive Handgun Tactics

Drawing from the holster - The correct response to a threat against 1 or multiple attackers - Situational awareness - The right holster - The right gun - Defensive shooting drills - One handed shooting - Cover and concealment identification - Escalation and De-escalation of force - Mid and long-range accuracy - Correct & fast response to a threat. 360-degree awareness - Point shooting - Speed draws - Multiple round hits on target - Reactive shooting drills - Shooting from cover - During the fight defense drills - Separating & creating draw distance - defending one or multiple people from an attack - one handed shooting on the move - moving to cover. 

Students need to bring: 

NO REVOLVERS, NO 22'S. Handgun of choice 9mm and up, Ear and Eye protection, 300+ Rounds of factory loaded ammunition, a quality outside the waist band holster, 2 magazine holders, 3 Magazines, and a STURDY SHOOTING BELT. Students will also need to wear a hat, please pack a lunch / drink.  CLOSED TOE SHOES ONLY.

Please dress appropriately and according to weather conditions. WE HOLD THE CLASS IN ALL CONDITIONS.

Rental firearms include 100 rounds of ammunition. You will have to provide the rest. Click this link to rent firearm                                                                https://www.idahofirearmsclasses.com/product/firearm-rental/

DON'T USE GPS FOR DIRECTIONS - FOR DIRECTIONS https://www.idahofirearmsclasses.com/locations/

LOCATION : Black's Creek Range   2420 Kuna Mora Rd Kuna, ID 83634 (208) 342-9614

Refund policy:

We understand that schedules can change or for whatever reason you may be unable to attend the class for which you have registered. We have determined that our class fees are non-refundable for any reason. A $100.00 fee will be charged to reschedule per person. Please send us an email 72 Hrs prior to missing a class to let us know the future date you like to attend. We will try to make sure we have a spot available. NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE RE SCHEDULED. CLASSES MAY BE CANCELED AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON. IF A CLASS IS CANCELED BY IFC YOU WILL BE RESCHEDULED ONLY. TO ANOTHER CLASS ASAP NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.


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